Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Maintaining a carpet cleaner can get really tedious and tiring if you have pets and small children at home. While it’s not feasible or advisable to stop kids playing in the house, the only respite here is buying the right carpet cleaner to clear their messes. With so many carpet cleaners available, you may find this information useful at choosing the right one for your home.

 Definition of a good carpet cleaner

The best carpet cleaning machine is one that meets all your cleaning requirements and serves you for a reasonable period of time. Here are some of the important features to consider while shopping for the right cleaner for your carpets.

  • As a pet owner, you need a machine which specifically removes pet stains, its hairs and even the odors it leaves behind.
  • Though large tanks may be a bit difficult carrying around, they do save your cleaning time as it carries more water which in turn reduces the need of constant refilling.
  • Look for a carpet cleaner which has a powerful suction feature as it quickly suctions water to quickly dry the carpet. It can also help suction flood water in case of a machine overflow.
  • A carpet cleaner with additional features in the form of extra tools catered towards cleaning pet messes is always a better buy as it offers versatility to the appliance. You can use it for not only cleaning carpets, but also fabric, narrow spaces and stair carpets.
  • It’s better if the appliance has powerful brushes which rotate 360 degrees as it easily scrubs all deep spots and stains.
  • The best carpet cleaner is one that has a long cord, or is portable which makes covering larger areas so much easier. This makes your cleaning task so much easier.
  • It goes without saying that a carpet cleaner with a lengthy warrant is always a better buy as it covers any malfunctions.

Some more tips to help you make your choice

If you think you have found the best pet carpet cleaner, but aren’t sure, just look for these features as they help you make your choice.

Find out how it collects and traps pet hair as the best appliances should have a pet hair basket which traps the pet hair removed from the carpet.

Find out how it removes urine odor as the best cleaners have accompanying carpet shampoos designed to remove pet urine odors and other accidents. It has to be soaked in the carpet and then sucked up to remove all previously existing foul odors to leave the carpet with a fragrant and clean smell.

Reading reviews helps

Of course, it also helps if you go through some carpet cleaner reviews written by previous customers. They provide their personal and true experiences with the carpet cleaner, and if it really is effective for cleaning pet messes. You can find quite a few reviews either on the carpet cleaner’s website or forums.

Best sewing machine for beginners

You can’t expect to keep on sewing on a borrowed machine. You need to buy a machine for yourself one day! If this is the day, here are some tips to help you choose the best machine fitting your needs and budget from the many brands and models in the market.

  • Budget

You need to set a budget before buying a sewing machine. If your budget is small, look for a good used machine, especially if you need a heavy duty motor machine but cannot afford buying a brand new one.

There are also many sewing machine manufacturers producing reasonably priced decent machines. Though there are machines which can serve you for many years, there are also lightweight machines with plastic parts which are difficult to find if you need to repair the machine.

  • Stitches

After deciding on your budget, you can decide on the features you want in your machine like the number of stitches available. Don’t get carried away by the number of stitches the machine offers, but look for a machine with stitches you require. You basically require only a straight and zigzag switch with adjustable length and width to tackle most sewing jobs.

Some other additional stitches you may want include buttonhole stitch, stretch or knit stitch for use with knits, blind hem stitch which create practically invisible hems for pants and skirts and perhaps some utility stitches. After sewing for a while you will be able to decide which stitches you want, and accordingly upgrade to a new machine.

  • Accessories

You need to choose attachments and feet for the machine based on your usage. Quilters prefer a walking foot while garment sewists prefer a zipper foot, button attaching foot, overcast stitching foot and buttonhole foot. While most machines have all these feet, some cheaper machines may not have specialty feet to choose from.

Check the rates for accessories and feet as most manufacturers charge between $30-$50 per foot. There are some machines within specific purposes like machines having the letter ‘Q’ next to its name. It indicates the machine is just what a quilter wants with the required quilter feet and attachments.

  • Mechanical or automatic

The speed of a sewing machine depends on what’s inside the machine, and if it’s a mechanical or computerized machine. Mechanical machines are lightweight as they don’t have a computer, are easy to use and require less maintenance. In fact, if maintained and oiled regularly, mechanical machines can last a lifetime.

Most high-end machines are computerized in some way and if well-maintained, they can help sew a straight stitch. Computerized machines also have a touch screen and a high-powered motor perfect for use in heavy-duty projects. These machines need to be maintained by a processional regularly.

There is a third type of sewing machine, which is a hybrid technical and computerized machine, with a decant selection of stitches. They usually include stitch selection, thread cutter, needle up/down and needle position. Though these machines sew beautifully, they cannot embroider.

With these tips, you will be able to choose the best sewing machine for beginners. Do your research to find out more about the sewing machines, the company manufacturing it and its service or maintenance department.