Diamond Way
House Brno

Diamond Way House Brno

The "Diamond Way House" is a project of construction of the Brno Diamond Way Buddhist Centre, which will complement cultural and spiritual spectrum of the Town of Brno and the South Moravia Region. The project is implemented under the auspices of the Diamond Way Association (SDC), in co-operation with the Nydahl Endowment Fund.
The Czech Buddhist groups have started to emerge under the Diamond Way Association in the 90's. Brno meditation group formed in 1998 and since 1999 was meeting in a rented former kindergarten in Trtilkova Street. In 2003, the Brno Council sold the house with the premises for CZK 2 625 500 to the Nydahl Endowment Fund, which administers all properties purchased within the Diamond Way Buddhism in the CR.
In 2005, the project of a new building appeared because of the insufficient capacity of the house - an ever-growing number of people want to meditate and the Centre activities have grown as well. The objective of the "Diamond Way House Brno" is to build a new house to fully meet the current needs of the Buddhist Centre and the anticipated future activities, including international co-operation.
The Diamond Way House construction started in June 2009 and should be finished in winter 2010. The author of the architectonic design is Martin Sladky in co-operation with Radek Hala, the general contractor is Avanzo, a. s. In spring 2009, the former kindergarten that served originally as the centre, was demolished.


The Centre will be a modern and open place to complete the cultural and spiritual spectrum of the Town of Brno and the South Moravia Region.

In particular, the following is planned:

  • spacious meditation room and lecture hall
  • office for translations and workshops
  • bigger library and reading room
  • studios and guest rooms
  • big lounge
  • room for parents with children